We offer one of the best in-class analytics software in the healthcare industry.

Intuitive Self Service Analytics

Our platform empowers users to get their own data and answer their own business questions fast & easy, without reliance on others.

Data Integration

We combine the data for you from various sources so that you can get one view of your data that is trusted across your organization.

Big Data Science

We are using big data science to transform healthcare by bringing new tools, technologies, data sources, and data formats.

Mobile Ready Solutions

Our adaptive solution is fully responsive to any mobile platform. Plus, our native iPhone App was designed specifically for an iPhone experience.

State-of-the-Art Security and HIPAA Compliant

Our secure infrastructure ensures HIPAA compliance and implements data security best practices .

Cloud and On-Premise

Our hosted cloud platform is rapid to deploy and easy to manage.   Or you can take our proprietary virtual appliance to do a on-premise deployment.