CentraMed Performance Analytics™

Provide significant increases in cash flow and net revenue through business intelligence.

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Enterprise class business intelligence combined with expert analysis will provide significant increases in cash flow and net revenue

Value Proposition:

CentraMed Performance Analytics shows areas for revenue cycle improvement that will directly impact a provider’s cash flow and net income. This web-based business analytics solution was developed specifically to help hospitals better manage revenue cycle complexities. Cash flow and revenue opportunities are easily and quickly identified using dashboards to track common revenue cycle key performance indicators.

Hospital Billing Dashboard
Billing Dashboard
Collections Dashboard
Collections Dashboard
Denials Dashboard
Denials Dashboard
RAC-OBS Dashboard
RAC Risk Dashboard
DNFB Dashboard
DNFB Dashboard
Charge Capture Dashboard

Charge Capture Dashboard

Solution Overview:

The Performance solution is built specifically for hospital financial management. Performance is designed to connect providers’ unstructured revenue cycle data and help finance executives focus on key revenue cycle indicators – cash, DNFB, A/R, late charges, denials and re-admits.

  • Delivered 100% via smart phone, tablets, and web
  • Combines pre-built dashboards, reports, metrics, and optional alerts with an expert consulting component
  • Powerful visual dashboards enable users to spot trends quickly. Drill-down capabilities and pre-defined drill-paths enable users to dialog with the data across all available revenue cycle systems.
  • Users can create ad hoc charts, reports, and dashboards using simple drag and drop functionality that can be scheduled for distribution to key revenue cycle staff on a regular basis. In addition, users can quickly export important information to PDF or Excel for further analysis or simple distribution.

Bottom Line:

CentraMed Performance Analytics empowers healthcare providers to better manage their revenue cycle and will typically result in a 1-2% increase in net revenue. Performance further highlights process improvement opportunities that will fix identified workflow problems resulting in additional cash flow and net revenue.